Welcome to the world of Valos.

This is a campaign I’ve been working on as a lunchtime diversion at various jobs for more than a decade. It still consists mainly of reams of handwritten notes and maps. Some of it is in wiki format elsewhere on the web. I’m trying out Obsidian Portal as a platform because other people seem to think highly of it.

One feature I would really like to see is GM-only info embedded in the content instead of in a block at the bottom, for example:

The stairs descend 30 feet to a small landing which turns a corner to the right. GM: if anyone steps on the 10th stair the whole stairway becomes a slide, and the landing a trapdoor over a 20-ft deep pit full of spikes.

Optionally the text would collapse to a GM-only icon and expand as a hover popup.

Another feature I would enjoy is rollable tables embedded in the content. The GM would see a table like:

Area 6 Wandering Monsters (d20)
Roll Result
1-12 Nothing
13-15 3 Goblins
16-18 2d6+4 Orcs
19 Giant Spider
20 Roll on Special Encounters Table 2

10 Orcs

Clicking ROLL would roll a random monster and display the result.

I have written a set of object classes for maintaining such tables and rolling on them, and for linking them so a result on one table can cause a roll on another table. I’m currently looking for a wiki engine where I can embed this functionality as a plug-in or module. My first choice was ScrewTurn, but it was discontinued earlier this year. Not sure if I can do this in the Obsidian wiki or not.